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Let Sleeping Giants Lie

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We're going away for a little while to curl up and sleep in a cave.

Two years ago, we sprang into life - all energy, kicking limbs and swirling motion. Stuart Pearce was appointed manager and the possibilities were endless: life was an open road and we clutched in our hands an anytime saver open return.

Since then, we've developed a hardy band of followers who have not only been generous to take a moment or so to read our output but rather implausibly, kind enough to say some nice words - or at least, not stab us in the eye with a blunt instrument. For that, we are eternally grateful.

Yet times change. Empires crumble. Statues erode to dust. Continents drift. Things end. This too shall pass.

This football club of ours is blessed - blessed with an incredible amount of fans with huge dollops of talent, blessed with people whose hearts are full to the brim of goodwill, blessed with supporters who are painfully and umbilically attached to the club, despite their occasional regrets that this is indeed the case.

There are people out there who will take up the mantle and continue to scrutinise, reminisce, celebrate and wallow in all things Nottingham Forest related. If you have enjoyed - or at least tolerated us over the last two years - you should turn your attention to here - we're pretty certain that what comes from over there will be just as good/tolerable...if not better.

They're called Bandy and Shinty and can be followed on Twitter here.

As for us, we're going dormant for a while: we might be back some time but then again, we all thought that when we were relegated under Big wRONg Dugout. We'll see what cards are dealt to us.

We've had a blast. We've made friends, we've met people and in between all of that, watched lots of football - sometimes life-affirmingly good and sometimes...well, you saw it yourself too.

So genuinely, thank you to anyone who has ever read anything on here. What has been particularly lovely is that we can count on one hand the number of people who have felt the need to have a go at us and wag an accusatory finger in our direction. This suggests that either none of you actually read anything on here or that generally speaking, we were doing something right.

Thank you to anyone who wrote a piece, to anyone who retweeted or liked, to anyone who voted in a poll, to anyone who recommended us and to anyone who took the time to read a piece. You are all heroes.

Thank you to anyone who tolerated one of us waving a dictaphone in your face too - you made us happier than you can possibly imagine.

Thank you to the lovely chap who got this ball rolling in the first place - you are the greatest of all of the great eggs.

Below are some of our most enjoyable and widely read pieces. Knock yourselves out and see you on the other side.

Cheers folks - David Marples

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