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Philippe Montanier Speaks

Newly installed Nottingham Forest head coach faced the press for the first time today.

David Ramos/Getty Images

Without wishing to burst anyone's bubble or mix some garlic dip into the guacamole, there appears to be a groundswell of good will towards Philippe Montanier.

Any mutterings of him lacking links with the club or being some kind of puppet for his overlords are few and far between. Indeed, his first press conference has only solidified such optimistic thoughts, owing largely to his measured and thoughtful responses.

Questions were posed in English and Montanier responded in kind - his grasp of the language appears to be more than adequate for communicating his ideas. This being the case, one may wonder why a translator was required. Maybe this:

Earlier in the day, we sought the opinion of respected La Liga and Segunda football journalist, Euan McTear. Given that Montanier had a spell at Real Sociedad, we were keen to find out a little more about his achievements there. On Montanier's appointment at Forest as head coach, Euan had this to say:

I was really pleased to see that appointment. He was very impressive at Real Sociedad and won manager of the year for 2012/13. His move to Rennes (a clear step down) was generally thought to be for personal reasons rather than anything to do with his ability. Hope he does well.

Montanier started his debut press conference by paying tribute to the history of the club and expressing admiration for John McGovern - handy as he was sitting right next to him - and Peter Shilton.

It also seems that he is at ease with his role as head coach; maybe it's only us Brits who tend to be suspicious of such a structure.

Here are his best bits:

Of course, it's early days but it was pleasing to see Montanier speaking English and flanked by John McGovern. This is worth noting since Andy Reid and Chris Cohen were sent out to face the press after Dougie Freedman's dismissal, with  McGovern and owner Fawaz Al-Hasawi conspicuous by their absence.

Once again, small steps but pleasing ones which hint at a sense of coherence and forethought emanating from the club.

Here's the press conference in full: