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Welcome, Philippe Montanier

After a long wait, Philippe Montanier was today appointed as the club's head coach.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

On the day that the players reported back to the club for pre season training, it was announced that Frenchman Philippe Montanier was appointed as the club's head coach.

It's been a long time coming and along the way, Forest have been linked with at least 12 different men. The high number of managers touted for the job is probably indicative of the current uncertainty surrounding the ownership of the the club. After all, it's very difficult to second guess an owner who is yet to be confirmed. In addition, it is a loser's game to predict the current owner's next move. Put both together and you have a perfect storm of uncertainty and guesswork, resulting in the bookmakers changing their minds at the drop of a hat.

Still, all that is over now and the former Rennes and Real Sociedad manager will no doubt be putting out the cones tomorrow morning. But what do we know about him and will he be any good?

If you haven't already gone straight to wikipedia for more information - and accessed his actual page rather than the one that a few cheeky little beggars tinkered around with earlier in the day - you'll know the following: he was a goalkeeper as a player, he took little fancied Boulogne to Ligue 1 in 2004 for the first time in their history and in 2012-13, he guided Real Sociedad to the Champions League after a 4th place finish in La Liga. His most recent job was back in his native France at Rennes where it all unraveled in embarrassing fashion.

Beyond that? Not a lot. Some folk on the old social media have been traced who seem to have good things to say about him, which is pleasing.

Will he be any good? We wait to see.

Naturally, some folk are disappointed as he isn't a 'big name'. He has no experience of working in English football, let alone the hurly-burly of the Championship. He knows nothing of Preston and Joe Garner's elbows, has probably never even heard of Burton Albion and will be terribly confused when it comes to pulling up at the New York Stadium in Rotherham (to be fair, this is entirely forgivable).

On the other hand, Carlos Carvalhal did a very decent job in his first job on English soil with Sheffield Wednesday after his name was no doubt googled into oblivion in South Yorkshire on the 30th June, 2015. That's right, Carvalhal was appointed three days later than today's appointment in terms of proximity to the season ahead.

Besides, were a 'name' to have been given the job, no doubt folk would have moaned about the croneyism of the managerial merry-go-round, consisting of too many people who have constantly been over-promoted for far too long.

It is also interesting to note Montanier's actual role - head coach. This suggests he will not necessarily be responsible for contracts, recruitment and long term strategy. At first glance, this seems like a terrifying and simply misguided structure. But such a structure is the new world order for the modern and, generally speaking, successful football club. Besides, his appointment in such a role hints at the idea of an actual structure behind him, over him and in support of him.

Such a strategy is not a silver bullet but it has worked for clubs like Bournemouth, Southampton, Burnley, Watford and, heck, even Brentford. Whatever one may think of such a structure, it is certainly preferable to stumbling from one puddle of mud to another.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether this is a new dawn of organisation and forward thinking but for now, it's a good start and the club is immediately in a stronger position to prepare for the coming season than it was on Sunday evening.