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The Most Underrated Player You've Seen At Forest?

"One of the best players I've ever seen in the flesh".

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David Marples

When our man Nick Miller was asked this question as guest on the Betway Insider podcast, his response was an interesting one.

Listen out for the bit about the Manchester United scout - it's a belter.

Let the pod roll to hear Nick's reaction to the question on asked whether Forest will ever be the club they once were. His initial response sums up how we all currently feel about the club.

The Forest chit chat starts on 32 minutes and 18 seconds.

You can hear the whole podcast here. It's certainly worth listening to Nick's thoughts about England's showing at Euro2016 as he conjures up the image of Roy Hodgson with his balls out.

Meanwhile, here's the goal that bamboozled Gary Pallister and Steve Bruce and probably lead to a scout being on the end of some pretty difficult questions: