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1979-80 European Cup Red Shirt Romps To Glory

The shimmering Adidas shirt from 1979-80 takes the title as winner of the Twitter World Cup of Forest Home Shirts.

In a rather one sided final, the 1979-80 European Cup winning shirt saw off the classic Labatt's sponsored shirt of 1994-96 - as worn by players of the calibre of Bryan Roy, Stan Collymore and Lars Bohinen - to take the crown of best Forest red shirt.

The final was a much anticipated showdown between Umbro and Adidas, with the German manufacturer dishing out a hiding akin to that of the 2014 World Cup semi final in which the Brazilians were embarrassed in their own front room by a rampant Germany.

But along the way, there were some epic encounters.

The 1992-94 Steve Stone shirt got off to a confident start...

...fighting off strong competition from the much loved 1988-90 League Cup winning shirt:

The gloves were off.

It was a shame also to lose underrated shirts such as this 1986-87 shirt sported by Neil Webb:

Nonetheless, this was knockout football shirt competition at the highest level. There was little room for sentiment.

There were some keenly thought contests with barely a Rizla paper to separate shirts. An early round classic encounter was between this 1983-84 Steve Hodge effort...

...and another classic 80s shirt in the form of this 1984-86 Adidas produced beauty, as sported by Johnny Metgod:

The Skol shirt squeezed through with 61% of the vote.

Perhaps the tie for which the competition will be remembered is the truly titanic encounter between the 1992-94 pinstriped Shipstones shirt (Steve Stone) and the eventual finalist, 1994-96 Labatt's shirt:

Although 330 votes were cast, at the end of the day, only a 1% separated the two as somewhat controversially, Umbro defeated Adidas on this occasion. Some fans were upset that such a shirt was able to do so and remain unhappy at the black tabs incorporated into the design, not dissimilar to some Manchester United designs. Besides, those people would argue that Forest home colours consist of simply red and white.

The other semi final was a lively affair too. At first it was a cagey, cat and mouse affair:

But the 79-80 shirt showed its credentials and class to ease away from the competition like a sleek motor car.

Even Stan Collymore threw his support behind it:

No doubt sentiment played a huge part in carrying some shirts deep into the competition. On the other hand, despite Forest being utterly garbage in this design, a surprising amount of love was displayed for this 2011-12 collared shirt which featured red and white striped socks:

Ultimately, the cream rose to the top and the 79-80 European Cup winning shirt took the top prize. A victory for Adidas, for Forest and for football.


Full details of the rules+regulations, terms+conditions, each and every game and how the voting played out can be found here.

The World Cup of 'away/3rd' shirt will kick off in due course. This involves even more shirts than the 'red' half of the draw. Any comments/suggestions/amendments, are welcome.

(And yes, the infamous 'green' shirt has made it through the qualifying rounds, despite never seeing competitive action).