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Britt is back

Back in February 2015, Britt Assombalonga was carried off the pitch at the City Ground after sustaining a dislocated kneecap against Wigan Athletic. He opened the scoring that evening. It would be his last goal for 14 months. On the final day of the following season, Britt came off the bench and scored the winner for his ten-man team against MK Dons. We were there.


When Britt made his long awaited return by coming on from the bench against Blackburn, we were there:

We were there against Fulham too as he warmed up:

...and we watched when he came on. Maybe too closely:

..and even after the final whistle too:

We were there against Wolves for the final home game of the season:

And we were there on the final day of the season at MK, we were there to see him do what he's been itching to do since that evening back in February 2015:

Singing. Scenes. Limbs.

More of that, please.

Welcome back Britt. Lovely to see you again.