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World Cup of Forest shirts

It's a European Championship summer and to mark this, we thought it high time we found out which Forest shirt is the greatest.

    After much discussion, canvassing and beard scratching, the World Cup of Forest shirts is imminent.

    The format is thus:

    Two halves of the draw: one containing red shirts and the other comprising 'away' shirts (including third shirts)

    There are 22 red shirts and 28 'away' shirts

    Eventually, the winner of the red shirt will face the winner of the 'away' shirts to claim the title of best Forest shirt ever.

    The poll will be conducted on Twitter. Sometimes, two shirts will be pitted against each other, sometimes 3 and occasionally 4.

    Each shirt will be denominated by the year it was in use. Also, each shirt will be identifiable by a player's name. This is simply for identification purposes, i.e rather than referring to a shirt as 'the 2006-08' shirt, it may also be referred to as the 'Julian Bennett' shirt. This is simply the player with whom we associate the shirt. You may associate a shirt with a different player. That's fine. We can still be friends.

    We are not claiming to have included every single Forest shirt. If there is a shirt that isn't included, it got knocked out in a preliminary round played behind closed doors. If this is unsatisfactory to you, write a letter to UEFA - they'll listen to your complaints and sort it out.

    Shirts have already been put into pots or groups. They are loosely, thematically linked. On occasions, some tough decisions will have to be made. That's just life. Get over it.

    There will be a game or poll each day. This is dependent upon life, work, food shopping, announcement of next Forest managers or owners and general other things getting in the way though.

    Yes - of course the whole concept is stolen from Richard Osman's World Cup of crisps. But this is better because it's Forest football shirts.

    Results of each round will be recorded on this website

    Voting for the first opening clash will go live at half time of the Europa Cup Final. Opening matches of major competitions are usually non-events, hence these two rather ordinary shirts.

    Round 1. Game 1:

2006-08 (Julian Bennett)

2003-04 (David Johnson)

Winner: 2003-04 (David Johnson):  80%

Round 1. Game 2:

1994-96 (Bryan Roy)

1996-98 (Kevin Campbell)

Winner: 1994-96 (Bryan Roy): 85%

Round 1. Game 3:

2000-02 (David Prutton)

1998-00 (Chris Bart-Williams)

2002-03 (Des Walker)

Winner: Des Walker (60%)

Chris Bart-Williams (29%)

David Prutton (10%)

Round 1. Game 4:

1992-94 (Steve Stone)

1988-90 Nigel Clough

1990-92 Tommy Gaynor

Winner: 1992-94 Steve Stone (47%)

1988-90 Nigel Clough  (44%)

1990-92 Tommy Gaynor (9%)

Round 1. Game 5:

2011-12 (Wes Morgan)

2009-10 (Radi Majewski)

2012-13 (Billy Sharp)

1986-87 (Neil Webb)

Winner: 2011-12 Wes Morgan (35%)

1986-87 Neil Webb (32%)

2012-12 Billy Sharp (23%)

2009-10 Radi Majewski (10%)

Round 1. Game 6:

1984-86 (Johnny Metgod)

1983-84 (Steve Hodge)

Winner: 1984-86 Jonny Metgod (61%)

Round 1. Game 7:

1979-80 (European Cup winners)

2014-15 (Michail Antonio)

2015-16 (150th anniversary)

Winner: 1979-80 European Cup winners (82%)

2014-15 Michail Antonio (9%)

2015-16 150th (9%)

Round 1. Game 8:

1966-70 (Ian Storey-Moore)

1958-63 (FA Cup winners)

1976-77 (Martin O'Neill)

Winner: 1976-77 Martin O'Neill (59%)

1966-70 Ian Storey-Moore (29%)

1958-63 FA Cup (12%)


QF. Game 1:

2003-04 David Johnson


1994-96 Bryan Roy

Winner: 1994-96 Bryan Roy (69%)

QF. Game 2:

2002-03 (Des Walker)

1992-94 (Steve Stone)

Winner: 1992-94 Steve Stone (69%)

QF. Game 3:

2011-12 (Wes Morgan)

1984-86 (Johnny Metgod)

Winner: 1984-86 Johnny Metgod (54%)

QF. Game 4:

1979-80 (European Cup winners)

1976-77 (Martin O'Neill)

Winner: 1978-80 European Cup winners (80%)

Semi final. Game 1:

1994-96 (Bryan Roy)

1992-94 (Steve Stone)

Winner: 1994-96 Bryan Roy (51%)

Semi final. Game 2:

1979-80 (European Cup winners)
1984-86 (Johnny Metgod)

Winner: 1979-80 European Cup winners


1994-96 (Bryan Roy)

1979-80 (European Cup winners)

WINNER: 1979-80 European Cup winners shirt.