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Forest 1-1 Wolves

Forest and Wolves played out a draw to bring the curtain down on the 2015-16 season at the City Ground.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images
Perhaps this game is best summed up by the punter who compared his feelings towards this final home game of the season to that of sitting your last A level examination with twenty or so minutes remaining.

Beyond the end, there lies a summer of fun, possibilities and expectation. But until then.....

There have been occasions throughout the whole ordeal when you cried, tried, lost faith, found it again, suffered deep existential angst, banged your head against the wall, had moments of clarity only to see them fritter away like spit in the rain and crawled along the kitchen floor in the depths of the night wailing banshee-like, 'Make It Stop".

The end is in sight but before we rush our conclusion and throw our pen down on the desk, there was the small matter of bringing the curtain down at the City Ground for the 2016-17 season.

In the first half, a large inflatable ball was chucked around the Lower Bridgford before it rolled onto the pitch. At this point, a steward escorted it away to a naughty step in the bowels of the ground.

Fun? Frivolity? We came to the wrong party.

Actually, we've been hanging around in the kitchen discussing our route here whilst a full-on Dionysian scene was unfolding in the front room.

We missed that party - the one where the promotion places will be decided on the final day of the season. Actually, we're not even in the kitchen. We rocked up at the wrong venue. We're at a village hall somewhere in Hertfordshire where some tuppaware is being displayed and presented.

Forest came into this game buoyant after a 3-1 win at Fulham. On the other hand, Forest came into this game with only two wins from 14 games. On the same afternoon, Fulham got tonked again, this time by Brentford. Last week's result at Fulham was lovely but Fulham are so very far from good. Wolves like scoring goals about as much as Forest do. Wolves scored a goal against Forest.

Throw in the fact that Danny Fox was in serious danger of looking like the home side's best player and that pretty much epitomises the game.

It wasn't dreadful. We've seen worse - a lot worse - this season. In actual fact, it was alright.

That's where we are at.

After Joe Mason's neatly taken opener for Wolves, Gary Gardner curled a beauty into the Trent End goal direct from a free kick. It was nice that Carl Ikeme decided to stand and watch it sail in just like the rest of us but you'd have thought he might at least make an effort to dive or something. It was that type of game.

Oliver Burke's introduction provided hope that Forest might squeeze a goal from this grapefruit of a match with his pace and ability to cut into the penalty box but Wolves just about stood firm. Young Burke will need some raw edges polishing off but for the moment, it is mightily enjoyable watching some poor old opposition left back who - with 20 or so minutes to go is thinking that he's just about completed his job for the day - experience sheer horror and fear as Burke collects a ball, shows it to the defender and then knocks it past him, leaving him in a puff of smoke.


On the final whistle, red tape circled the City Ground, warning any fan not to get too close or dare to hope.


The match day programme is excellent. It contains a copy of the 1959 FA Cup Final programme. Here's John McGovern showing it to you:

Here are the highlights.