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Reading 2-1 Forest: The Reading View

We thought it would be interesting to get a fresh perspective on the performance on Tuesday. So here it is, courtesy of The Tilehurst End.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images
When we spoke pre-match and you spoke about a team going through the motions who could get sucked into a relegation battle, I had my doubts. Needless to say, 90 minutes later and I very much see where you're coming from.

It's not that Forest looked particularly awful on Tuesday night - after all your goal was a very well worked move - but there was just no passion there. Every thing seemed to be by the numbers, as if each player just wanted to get in and get out with minimal effort. The quality was there for all to see in individual moments and organisation wise you had a plan and stuck to it but again, few seemed to want to go the extra mile.

It was hard to single out the performance of anyone in particular, aside from De Vries who pulled off a couple of fine saves. Matt Mills coped fine with the standard barrage of abuse and as mentioned, Osborn took his goal really well.

While you're clearly limping home, I do think you'll have enough in the tank to stay up but it's clear that you need a major overhaul in the summer.


This is worth a moment of your time too - a piece looking at Forest fans' reaction on Twitter to the result. There's a particularly interesting comment towards the bottom of the piece regarding the Evenings Post's response to the game.