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Forest 0-3 Brentford: Player Ratings

We haven't done player ratings before since football is essentially a team game. But yesterday, the team played as anything but.

Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Dorus de Vries: 6/10

Involved in a mix-up with Kelvin Wilson that gift-wrapped the opening goal. Nonetheless, he continues to wear the air of a a highly competent, consummate professional growing weary of having to constantly honk at his defenders in order for them to close down the opposition or at the very least, not to allow the opposition a free shot from the edge of the area.

Eric Lichaj: 3/10

Often seen dawdling around with a facial expression that at the sight of an opposing player behind him screams, "Where did he come from? Is he allowed to do that and be there?"

Yes, Eric. He is.

Matt Mills: 4/10

Lots of pointing and shouting and superficial aggression, apart from when it really seems to matter.

Michael Mancienne: Withdrawn after 25 minutes to be replaced by Kelvin Wilson

Kelvin Wilson: 3/10

Every player is allowed a slip or a mistake. It happens and players are actually humans after all. Against Watford in the FA Cup, Wilson played well but sadly made a mistake that cost Forest the game. He was unfairly pilloried for that. But as we all know, Wilson has been making such mistakes with the clockwork regularity of a managerial sacking at Forest.

Bojan Jokic: 5/10

Everything about this lad screams competent. He's exactly the type of player that will leave to join Brighton next season and play a vital role in them strolling to promotion.

Gary Gardner: 4/10

We all need to sit down and have a talk about Gary - perhaps even a group intervention. For all the fist-pumping and #IheartNFFC tweets, he's been pretty anonymous during his second stint on loan with us. It's a risky strategy to be reliant on 35 yard screamers and when they dry up  - which they will - there needs to be a little more substance.

David Vaughan: 6/10

He made mistakes and lost possession on the edge of the box which led to Brentford's third goal. He was far from his best but he kept putting the tackles in and kept trying things - even if those things didn't come off. But it must be difficult when your job is to pass the ball forward and all is you see Macheda hiding behind a defender. Eventually, you are reduced to whirling around and passing sideways, you will get bored with that and start to try things. Keep trying things, David.

Chris Cohen: 6/10

Prior to his injuries, Cohen was all about winning the ball, passing to a forward and making a lung-busting run to complete a give-and-go and generally make himself a nuisance to the opposition's defensive midfielders. His game has had to adapt and he looks increasingly comfortable on the ball. But like Vaughan, there are only so many things you can do with the ball when you have lost faith in your team-mates' ability to hold on to it. Consequently, he and Vaughan spent an inordinate amount of time looking visibly frustrated and doing that thing where players hold out their arms as if asking for an option. There are few things as infuriating in football as this gesture but the amount of times it was witnessed in this performance is a clear indication of a bunch of players deeply frustrated with each other.

We still love you, Chris Cohen though. Always have. Always will.

Ryan Mendes: 3/10

"Ryan. Have you got a minute? You seem like a lovely fella and you no doubt want to make something of your time here with us. You clearly have something to contribute - you've shown that with the recent success of the Cape Verde team. But let's be honest, none of us can work out what that 'something' is. It's time to shake hands and wish you all the best, isn't it?

"Ryan...mind you don't trip on that step on your way out. Oh. Too late.

"..and Ryan. That's not your car, is it? That's Nelson's. No...not that one either....Jesus, Ryan. How difficult is it pick out the right car? Oh....yeah. I guess so."

Federico Macheda: 2/10

It's not actually his fault. Even though he looks like the kind of chap who runs out of puff just thinking about putting the bins out, he clearly isn't fit. It really is difficult to see what was to be gained by bringing him in since even a cursory glance at his stats suggests he struggles to score goals when on loan and is sorely lacking game-time over the course of the last year. Obviously, someone went and scouted him in the flesh before bringing him...didn't they? DIDN'T THEY?

They did though...didn't they?

Ben Osborn: 5/10

Benny is a super footballer: happy with the ball at his feet and always striving to go forward and try things. His deployment as a left winger was initially, viewed with deep scepticism by some (alright then, me), only for him to turn in some great performances out there. But there was always that nagging feeling that deploying him out there was simply because there was no one else who could do that job.

"Wait a minute, that lad who can play football, he can do a job out there. What's that you say? Creativity in midfield? Nah. Leave that. Not needed."

Bit concerned we may have broken Benny.

Oliver Burke: 7/10

Came on to play up front as a target man for the last 25 minutes and frankly, was far and away our best player. He ran intelligently and made things happen. All this from a young, raw right winger.


Just noticed that Danny Fox was on the bench. Dodged a bullet there.