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Forest 0-3 Brentford

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This was Coventry away in April 2005. This was Plymouth at home in April 2005. This was so very far far away from anything remotely approaching 'good'.

Before we get to the game, here are some hard-hitting stats - with digits rather than numbers in full to indicate how hard-hitting they are:

In the last 7 home games (since Bolton on 16th January), Forest have lost 5, drawn 1 and won 1, scoring only 2 goals.

The last 2 home games have been 3-0 defeats. It's not that the drawbridge is down at fortress City Ground, more like a brand new dual carriageway built with people dishing out luxury hampers for anyone who happens to pass by.

Want more? Sure you do.

Since the 1-0 win at Leeds on 6th February, Forest have played 9 (*nine) games in which they have won 1, drawn 1 and lost 7. In that time, the team have managed just 3 goals. That's 1 goal every 3 games.

Back in April 2005, the club turned in two of the most spineless performances in recent history, culminating in that horrific day at Loftus Road when Forest claimed the title of 'First club to have won the European Cup to be relegated outside of the top two leagues'.

28,887 souls rocked up to the City Ground to see Forest tumble to a 3-0 defeat at home to Plymouth Argyle. Dexter Blackstock scored two goals that day too (let that sink in for a minute...).

Can you see such numbers turning up to support this team for what looks like a critical home fixture against Wolves on Saturday 30th April for the club's final home game of this (another) traumatic season? Of course not.

The club is heamorraging support, good will and hope faster than water through a sieve. It's getting quite serious now.

Whichever way you look at this game, it is difficult to take away even one miniscule iota of hope. Sustained and careful squinting at the league table into the wee small hours of Sunday morning suggests that one scruffy win and a flukey draw should just about stave off a place in the bottom three. Forest have yet to visit Rotherham, Fulham and MK Dons - all of whom are fighting for survival.

'Fighting'....a word that is sorely lacking from the players based on recent performances.

To have to go to MK Dons on the last day of the season in order to get a result to be safe or worse, to play a 'winner stays up' game is a pretty scary prospect. Imagine MK Dons relegating Forest on the final day...

Overreaction? Yes. Let's hope so.

The game itself. Must we?

If you weren't there, you would be well within your rights to wonder aloud, 'Can it really have been that bad?' Well it was. Worse actually.

With Federico Macheda playing alone up front, those behind him decided early doors that there wasn't really any point in playing the ball forward so instead, just played it sideways and backwards in the hope that a team mate might fall down in or around the penalty area so that they might fluke a goal from a set piece. You can't really blame them either since a ball played in towards Macheda was a futile gesture. At one stage, he was played in through on goal but did exactly what you or I would do - momentarily lost any control of his legs and stopped running. He simply ceased to be and allowed the ball to dribble away from him, whisked away by the ghost of Robert Rosario.

A mix up between Kelvin Wilson and Dorus de Vries gift-wrapped Brentford their opening goal. Let's be honest though, it was Kelvin's fault and he genuinely went beyond parody of himself today. From then on, Brentford scored two more goals, and Eric Lichaj got sent off. In some ways though, these aren't the significant details.

It's the small things that are telling. Henri Lansbury came on after a period out injured and contributed only by acting like a petulant child, exaggerating contact and rolling around on the floor with a blatant disregard for his own dignity.

Macheda was withdrawn and replaced by Oliver Burke. This young man made his debut in midweek for Scotland and has been forging a very impressive reputation as a speedy right winger. Obviously, Burke was deployed to play up front as a lone target man with Lansbury seemingly told to get forward to support him - a role he himself hasn't played for a while after being deployed as a holding midfielder for the last couple of years.

Dexter Blackstock and Chris O'Grady were left to chew their nails.

Let's be clear here - neither of these two have warranted a place in the starting line up. As an aside though, Blackstock is halfway through a lucrative four-and-a-half-year contract extension. Macheda is in no way, shape or form an upgrade on either on these two players. The up and coming yet inexperienced Tyler Walker is on loan at a club against whom Forest will be facing (if they're lucky) next season and busy banging in a goal. All of which points to one heck of a muddled and broken recruitment and development policy.

Just to sprinkle a generous topping or irony, Burke fashioned Forest's best chances and contributed more to the cause in the 25 minutes or so that he was on the pitch.

The club is broken. It is going to need care, expertise and love to stitch it back together.