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Scouting report: Andre Moritz

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Andre Moritz had a spell at Bolton Wanderers so who better to ask about what we can expect that Chris Manning of the excellent Lion Of Vienna Suite website.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

We asked someone who has seen Moritz play football for his view. Here it is:

He's a mystery wrapped in a riddle wrapped in an enigma.

He arrived as one of Dougie Freedman's many ex-wives, you know the ones he doesn't like to sign but can't let go of. Taking the once-iconic #14 from the newly departed Kevin Davies he was thrust into the team before being swiftly removed again on account of him being perhaps the most unfit footballer I've seen in my life.

After a few weeks and the odd substitute appearance he worked his way back into the first team and to his credit showed what an excellent footballer he is. His Brazilian heritage often shone through, with a number of flashy and eye catching long range goals to his name.

It came as little surprise then when he left and moved to another country. His nomadic career taking him to some strange far flung places in search of another pay packet.

So in short he's a very gifted player who is good for the odd 20 minute cameo - and who looks even better if you're three goals up by that point but I wouldn't expect either immediate fireworks or a longer term stay if another club comes calling with an extra couple of quid a week on the table.

So there you have it. A promising player capable of moments of excellence but with a nomadic calling. As a short term measure, it may well work out but that seems to be about the size of it.

Thanks to Chris Manning who always speaks sense. Chris wrote lovely piece for FourFourTwo on Bolton's cult player - he is a little bit in love with Ivan Campo. Read it here. While doing so, take note of who the cult players are for Birmingham and Blackpool. You may well be surprised. And before you ask, it's Stuart Pearce. Of course it is. Mr Nick Miller penned this.