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How will Forest line up against Ipswich Town?

Ipswich is always a difficult place to go for Forest with decent results few and far between in recent years.

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Some towns and cities in Britain have a healthy record for producing musical talent. Indeed, some towns somehow manage to create a whole thriving scene - remember the Stourbridge thing back in the early 90s? The Wonder Stuff, Pop Will Eat Itself and Ned's Atomic Dustbin all hailed from this area. Mega City Four always gave the impression that they did too with their long shorts and heads down type of dance while an unfeasibly long fringe flopped around like an undone shoelace, but they came from Farnborough. So now you know.

In terms of being a hotbed of music, Ipswich is slim pickings.

Admittedly, it can claim 80s synth magician Nik Kershaw. Quite a coup in some ways. Look at him here ambling around in a very fine suit that someone has thoughtfully coloured in for him:

90s indie shoegaze scenesters Bleach also hail from Ipswich. They somehow got left behind the trail blazed by Chapterhouse, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Slowdive, Curve and others (debate may rage regarding Lush's omission rom this list but really, don't write in, it's no big deal - you're probably right and I'm wrong). Some of these were great bands and others less so. Here's Bleach with a song called 'Dipping'. Give it a listen and come to your own conclusions as to whether their failure to dent the charts was fair or a huge miscarriage of justice:

No list of bands from Ipswich would be complete without a nod to Extreme Noise Terror. They seem like very scary fellas so I won't have a bad word said about them:

Anyway, whatever team Freedman puts out will probably find it hard going as they look to put a halt to a run of three straight defeats. The back four will be the same as usual. The midfield will probably be the usual too, featuring a huge dose of talent but lacking someone with the pace to get forward and run beyond the opposition's defence in central areas. Up front, Nelson Oliveira will probably start and be hooked off for either all round nice guy Chris O'Grady or Dexter Blackstock around the 76th minute. Jamie Ward - if he plays - will pick up a yellow card for hacking at Luke Chambers in the 31st minute.

We should play in red since it doesn't clash with blue. We probably won't.

Paul Gerrard may or may not be in goal.