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When England were reliant on Forest

After Spurs beat Germany in Berlin thanks to four of their number featuring for England, thoughts turned to the days when Forest supplied the national team with a solid spine.

Billy Stickland/Getty Images

On 14th September, 1988, Sepp Piontek brought his exciting Denmark team to Wembley for a friendly. This wasn't quite the Danish Dynamite team of the mid 80s and it would be another four years before the Danes would stroll off with the title of European Champions before most people realised that they were even there. Nonetheless, Brian Laudrup, Lars Elstrup and Jan Molby rocked up to London that night so they were far from useless.

Enough about them though; more about Nottingham Forest's contribution to the England team that night.

At left back, Stuart Pearce. Naturally.

In midfield, Steve Hodge had just returned to the club from Tottenham Hotspur.

Next to Hodge, Neil Webb glided around the pitch. It would be another year before he left for Manchester United.

In the 65th minute, Tony Adams made way for Des Walker to make his debut.

From this point, England played out the game with four representatives from Forest.

England won the game 1-0, thanks to a Neil Webb goal in the 28th minute.

Nigel Clough boosted the Forest quota sporadically between 1989 and 1993 but by then, Webb had left Forest and Hodge's caps dried up soon after this game. It seems that this might be peak Forest when it comes to England.

One sweet day, maybe the club will once again form the backbone of the national team.