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Book review: '20 Legends: Nottingham Forest' John Brindley

Former journalist with the Loughborough Echo and lifelong Forest fan, John Brindley's book is a celebration of 20 players who have donned the famous Garibaldi shirt.

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Even if it wasn't the case that 2016 marks the 150th anniversary of the club's existence, this would be a welcome addition to the bookshelf of any Forest fan.

In many ways, timing is everything. On the one hand, given the 150th anniversary, Brindley has timed the publication of this book to perfection. There is no better time to look back on the past with wide eyed wonder. On the other hand, Daniel Taylor's book, 'I Believe In Miracles' - the accompaniment to Jonny Owen's film - has covered some of the same ground, especially in terms of anecdotes and tales relating to all of the protagonists involved between 1975 and 1980.

That's not to say that this book covers the same ground. Indeed, the success of Brindley's book is the range of players to whom he speaks, from Jeff Whitefoot of the1959 FA Cup winning team to current player (now coach) Andy Reid. Brindley has spoken to most of his subjects and although you have no doubt read all about the exploits of Robertson, Lloyd, Burns, Bowyer, Birtles, Clough and Taylor, it is difficult to tire of their stories and achievements.

Besides, it is in the conversations with people like Whitefoot, Duncan McKenize, Terry Curran and Ian Storey-Moore where the book succeeds. It is particularly delightful to hear the notoriously reticent Des Walker speak too. When asked about his solitary goal against Luton Town, his response is enlightening:

Was it a highlight for me? No, it wasn't. I'll tell you what my highlight was. Playing 800 games at the highest level and each one one of those games was my highlight.

The author's love for the club drips from every page, as does that of the players featured. It is testament to the author that those he speaks to open up and relay such fondness for their time spent Trentside.


The book features the following: Brian Clough, Peter Taylor, John Robertson, Duncan McKenzie, Larry Lloyd, Kenny Burns, Des Walker, Terry Curran, Steve Hodge, Ian Bowyer, Ian Storey Moore, Paul Richardson, Garry Birtles, Mark Crossley, Andy Reid, Neil Webb, Frank Wignall, Jeff Whitefoot, Liam O'Kane, Stuart Pearce.

You can buy it here. You really should too.