Uwe Rosler?

As we wait for the next victim sacking Manager to take the helm at Forest, one interesting name came to mind, based largely on his connections to our club advisor (Frank Clark) and interim manager: Uwe Rosler. Rosler played under Frank Clark for two seasons while Clark managed Manchester Citeh back in the 90s, with Rosler proving a stalwart fixture in the side and a club favorite. Paul Williams came into his position at Brentford under Rosler when he was Manager of the club and the Bees were tearing up League One. Keeping in mind that Clark is advising Fawaz on the next hire and that Williams has gone on record as saying he has no interest in the job permanently, a Rosler hiring could be an interesting prospect to watch. There would be people already present at the club who know him and his style well and in a way, could assist in helping him hit the ground running if that is the way they indeed go. I for one would have no problem with Williams staying at the club longer term in an assisting capacity, much like Keith Millen at Palace.

As to playing style and other facets, he seems to be the complete opposite of Dougie and a bit of a "double down" of what Williams is attempting to play at the minute: a 4-3-3 featuring a high press utilizing an offensive counterattack, with ball movement vice possession being a key concept. His teams scored bunches at Brentford and Wigan, and while promotion or trophy-winning success has been fleeting, he has laid a foundation that has at least shown a propensity to bring results. Those who played under him at Brentford credited him with the Lion's share of work leading to their promotion and lauded everything he did as being "Premier League standard". Also, it is worth noting that he's worked under another certifiable raving lunatic in Massimo Cellino at Leeds, so dealing with an embargo or an overbearing owner is nothing new to the guy....maybe that should count for something here.

Not saying I advocate for him in part and parcel, but an offensive-minded manager who is currently available and already connected to people making decisions in the Forest backroom could be something to monitor.

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