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Revisiting the Soccer Six

5-a-side football tournaments featuring the country's top clubs and footballers? Yes, please.

    Back in the 80s when there were no European Cup competitions with which to fill those cold and lonely midweeks, some clubs decided to rock up to an indoor arena, unchain the goalposts, move the benches and have a few games of 5-a-side. What's more, some clubs sent along their top players - step forward, Nottingham Forest.

    Below is 37 minutes' worth of glorious footage which you will no doubt consume at your own leisure (secretly, on your own, when you think no one else is watching, probably).

    In case you can't find the time, here's an outline:

    Forest were overseen by Liam O'Kane and Ron Fenton

    In the first game, Forest beat Southampton 4-3

    Des Walker wears very short shorts. Eye-wateringly short

    Forest's first goal features Stuart Pearce slamming one narrowly wide from miles out and Neil Webb tucking away the rebound from the boards. This becomes a theme.

    Listen out for the Southampton defender scoring an own goal and audibly groaning "on no" as he realises the magnitude of his error

    John Burridge is in goal for the Saints

    On 3 minutes 30 seconds, a truly rare and beautiful event occurs

    Watch out for Andy Townsend getting in and around the box to score on 4 minutes 40 seconds

    Second game: Forest 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday

    This game features a 19 year old Garry Charles being described as a "London Boy"

    Forest win thanks to a Tommy Gaynor goal and a masterclass in 5-a-side goalkeeping from Steve Sutton

    Next game: Forest 1-0 Chelsea, featuring: Desmond Walker, Alan Lamb (?) and rather curiously, Stephen McLoughlin

    Roy Wegerle playing for Chelsea - exciting and frustrating in equal measure

    Stuart Pearce almost bursts the ball and someone's leg on 12 minutes 27 seconds. He is also sporting one heck of a haircut in this period of his life

    After seeing off this lot, Forest went through to the Finals alongside Coventry City and Arsenal

    Forest 3-1 Coventry: Tommy Gaynor, Neil Webb and Lee Glover were the scorers with Micky Gynn slotting home a consolation and Sutton having a penalty. Standard.

    Some geezer called Darren Wassall plays for Forest

    Coventry sport one of the all time greatest kits

  • Forest 2-0 Arsenal: Neil Webb and Tommy Gaynor score the goals, despite being severely traumatised by Niall Quinn's hair

Here's some wider reading if your appetite desires to find out more:

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Thanks to Ian King @twoht for drawing our attention to this on Twitter. Great stuff like this out every day.