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Are you a typical Forest fan?

According to the boffins at YouGuv, this is you...

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Let's start with your demographics:

Of course, we live in the Midlands.

We also appear to be ever so slightly right wing:

What sort of style do you have?

Big 'Gardening' contingent in the A Block apparently.

Your personality? Occasionally, you can be 'cantankerous'. Well, yes...peaking at around 5.30 on a Saturday evening.

What kind of gear or brands do you seek out? You adore Severn Trent Water.

Entertainment? Football? Nah...

When not glued to the #NFFC timeline, this is how you feed that buzz:

And you read 'The Sun'...

You really are an eclectic bunch.


Thanks to @LTLF - first seen on their fantastic message board.