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Early Bird Season Ticket Prices Reduced

A positive step in the right direction regarding a currently highly contentious issue.

Tony Marshall/Getty Images

It's been a tough old week for those that set ticket prices for football matches but Nottingham Forest have taken a tentative set in the right direction by announcing a 5% reduction in selected 2016-17 early bird season tickets.

A season ticket in the Upper Trent would have made a £389 sized hole in your bank account for the current season. For next season though, the same seat can be acquired for £369. At £16 game, that's more than reasonable in the current climate.

There is a caveat though: the season ticket described above is an early bird one which must be purchased in April.

Here's the price list for next season:

Here's the price list for the current season for comparison. However, the list below is NOT early bird renewal:

Of course, it remains to be seen what the pricing structure will look like on a game by game basis and whether games will be categorised and priced accordingly. The same goes for away ticket prices too - prices for away fans visiting Nottingham may or may not have a knock-on effect for Forest fans travelling away from home. It should be acknowledged too that not everyone can go out and purchase an early bird season ticket - to do so requires finding £369 big ones in little over two months.

Our maths isn't quite what it should be and staring at lots of numbers results mostly in hangover sized headaches. It may well be that there are further nuances to be unpicked but as it is, a freeze or reduction in ticket prices is to be applauded.

Full details are here.