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Poll Results

The results are in....

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David Marples

It wasn't a call to arms but merely a testing of the water. This is how you responded:

Given the number of participants, it would be a little foolish to draw any serious conclusions. Regardless, it does seem that there is a will to take action if it were deemed necessary.

This raises all manner of questions: is the ticket pricing at Nottingham Forest fair? Is action justified? If so, what action would be the most appropriate?

It's worth pointing out that you can see each home game at Forest for £16.90 (on the basis of an adult purchasing a season ticket in the Upper Trent End and attending every home game). There's certainly an argument that this represents very good value.

But this is a bigger issue - an issue for all football fans, regardless of their loyalties.

What about the cost for away tickets? Category 1 prices? Do Forest offer competitive pricing for away fans visiting the City Ground? If not, why are we surprised when we get charged £37? If so, why aren't other clubs reciprocating? Can't all of the clubs sit around the table with tea and hob-nobs and hob-nob out an agreement?

We're only a fairy step along the road but recent events indicate that there is an appetite for mass co-ordinated action on the part of fans, irrespective of loyalties. The Liverpool statement makes it clear that fans do have a powerful voice and we can make ourselves heard. Whether they're willing to listen closely remains to be seen but they certainly heard and have done some long and hard thinking on the naughty step.

Protests can be effective. We have a voice. Let's use it wisely when/if the time comes.