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Transfer Deadline Day

Here are some things we learned today.

David Marples

  • Although deep down in the cold black hearts that reside inside our poorly put together vessels we call bodies, we probably knew this anyway. In case you didn't though, Billy Davies is still on the payroll of Nottingham Forest Football Club. Yup, that £3 on a match day programme? Billy Davies. That £27 for a ticket for the visit of Huddersfield Town? Billy Davies. That £2.20 for a cup of coffee? Actually, none /little of that goes to the club but to an outside contractor so that's not too bad.

  • It seems that someone is not checking the paperwork very closely. It appears that when the club signed Kyle Ebecilio on loan, there was no termination clause in the deal. Although the player was recalled by his parent club FT Twente to be loaned out to ADO Den Haag, this has caused a few complications and bumps along the way in terms of his wages and who is paying them. It appears that him being off the books does release some funds from which to try and get a striker in but perhaps not as much as was hoped. Here's Chippers to explain it:

  • No one seems to want Danny Fox.

  • It's as good a time any - perhaps the most pertinent time actually - to be reminded that there is a way to develop your team that doesn't require an obscene amount of money being frittered away on wages, signing on fees and agent's fees. How? To develop your own players to the standard required to play in the first team. Simple really.
  • The away game with Hull City will not go ahead as initially planned on February 20th due to their continued involvement in the FA Cup. Neither club seems to know when the game will take place. Blame Chuba Akpom for scoring a hat-trick against Bury in the 3rd round to put Hull though. Yes, that Chuba Akpom - the one who failed to score for Forest while on loan.