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Nottingham Forest's European Cup Civic Reception

Thanks to the BFI, footage of Nottingham Forests's triumphant civic reception is out there.

Initially, the decision to hire an open-topped bus and parade the big old trophy through Nottingham, culminating in a civic reception in the Market Square, seemed a little misguided and full of hubris.

As Larry Lloyd explains in 'I Believe In Miracles', there was no one about for the first leg of the journey from Home Pierrepont. But then, they came. My word, they came.

Some of this footage is used to wonderful effect towards the end of the film with The Velvet Underground's 'Rock n Roll' perfectly capturing that moment of anything and everything being possible.

Thanks to the wonderful Mr SeatPitch for spotting this. You almost definitely follow him already but if you don't, rectify that now.