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How will Forest line-up against Watford in the FA Cup?

Excitement is growing ahead of the 4th round clash between Forest and Watford.

Ben Radford/Getty Images

Come closer.

You want to know something?

Not a clue.....

Obviously, there will be a few changes given a midweek game and a few players making their way back from injury (big friendly "woo-hoo" wave to Chris Cohen) and suspension (respectful and old fashioned handshake extended to David Vaughan). But beyond that, anything, nay everything is possible.

Gary Gardner back after a wee break? Entirely possible.

Tyler Walker and Jorge Grant? Maybe.

Remember Kelvin Wilson? Perhaps.

Of course, there's a half decent chance here to progress through to the 5th round against a team that may or may not be genuinely concentrating on the league. As for Forest, remember when Pearce put out that weird line-up against Tottenham in the League Cup? A nagging feeling persists that we may well have blown them away with the team that had started the season so blisteringly well. That in mind, a few changes are to be expected. Whatever the line-up though, Lars Vlediwjk won't start up front for Forest. So that's good.

Here's a stab in the dark: