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How will Forest line-up against QPR?

How will Dougie Freedman deploy his team against QPR?

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

After delving into total football hipster territory and taking a leaf out of Pep Guardiola's big notebook with the deployment of Jamie Ward as some kind of false nine up at the Riverside, it is likely that Freedman will go back to a somewhat more conventional formation with the likely change being to introduce Jack Hobbs back to the bench, thus making room up top for a traditional centre forward. Step forward Nelson Oliveira. Or Chris O'Grady. Or both? A traditional 4-4-2 at home is not unknown.

Oliver Burke scared the bejeezus out of Clint Hill in the FA Cup a few weeks back so it'd be nice to see that again. Of course, there is the possibility that Jimmy Floyd will have twigged onto this weakness in his team and so in all likelihood, might well do something about it, But then again, Dougie will have thought about this too and so might give Burke a rest to bring him on later in the game. On the other hand, Jimmy Floyd...ah...who knows?

That unbeaten record against QPR at the City ground is weighing pretty heavy in my mind to be honest with you. How much longer can it go on? Can Forest really beat QPR three times in the same season? Sure, they can but will they actually go and do such a thing? Additionally, the footballing gods decreed that Forest were allowed to chalk up their first victory at the Riverside a mere four days ago - what's to stop them yinning the yang? After all, surely the joke has worn pretty thin after all these years.

In any case, here's a predicted line-up. It's probably wrong as Dougie, buoyed by his experimental team selection at the weekend, will be tempted to go full on avant-garde and field just the one defender in the shape of Matt Mills while flooding the midfield, leaving just Matty Fryatt to hobble around up front while everyone else plays in the middle third tied together by a piece of string. Besides, Gary Gardner has played an awful lot of football in a small amount of time after playing very little football for a long period of time.

In the event that he doesn't go down that particular road though, this is something like what it might all look like: