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How should Forest line up against Bolton?

Which players will Dougie utilise against his old club?

This is Bojan Jokic playing for Slovenia. He looks very decent.
This is Bojan Jokic playing for Slovenia. He looks very decent.
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

So not only do we face up to life without Henri Lansbury but also David Vaughan too after his red card against Birmingham City for raising his foot to tie his shoelace somewhere in the vague proximity of Clayton Donaldson. Incidentally, you didn't actually expect the appeal to be successful did you? For this to be so, a modicum of common sense is required on the part of the old white males in black coats. A distant dream.

The defence looks pretty steady these days with Jack Hobbs sat on the bench twiddling his thumbs kind of hoping that the next player to fall foul of the injury curse is a central defender. In midfield, Robert Tesche looks to have staked a claim after his very decent performance on Tuesday. Alongside him, surely Gary Gardner will get the nod. There seems no reason why Benny Osborn shouldn't maintain his place on the left - despite my severe misgivings about stationing him out there, he is making a very bloody good fist of it.

A minor riot may well break out were Oliver Burke not to get a place on the right. Of course, there is an argument for holding him back and bringing him off the bench once the game is stretched and we've gone one up only to concede a goal midway through the second half. Then again, there isn't much wrong with stretching the opponents from the start and scaring the bejeezus out of them from the kick-off.

This being the case, there are two more spots up for grabs. Take your pick from Nelson Oliveira, Ryan Mendes, Jamie Ward, Chris O'Grady and Dexter Blackstock. The smart money would be on Oliveira and O'Grady but neither performed with much conviction on Tuesday evening - indeed, once Oliveira lost his rag, he looked a bit of a liability. Same goes for Mendes. O'Grady will run all day long and deep down, we all desperately want him to do well as he seems like a thoroughly decent geezer. And yet....him or Blackstock. Dougie will probably go for the former and bring Dex on to concede numerous free kicks while challenging at the far post.

Wait...what about Chris Cohen? Jokic looked very accomplished at left back. Is Cohen ready for 90 minutes in the middle of the park yet? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe just wait until Gardner or Tesche pull a hammy and are ruled out for 3 weeks midway through the first half.

As ever, we'll find out at 2.00pm.