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Virgil Gomis - remember the name

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Virgil Gomis scored a goal for the Under 18 team that will last long in the memory.

We all remember the stupendous bicycle kick goal scored by Luis Fernandez for the allies to equalise in the final minute against the German team led by Baumann that inspired Karl von Steiner to raise from his chair and applaud in acknowledgement of the beauty of the game. Well Virgil Gomis has stuck his flag into the ground with this effort:

Gomis, representing Forest Under 18's, pulled this beauty out of the bag on the stroke of full-time to ensure a 3-2 win against Ipswich Town;s counterparts. To even attempt such a thing is worthy but to actually go and execute it is quite something else.

We salute you Virgil Gomis and look forward to the day when you repeat this magnificent feat for the first team after having had to briefly leave the field to receive treatment due to the numerous blows to the chest by the dirty, underhanded opposition captain.