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'I Believe In Miracles' - Trailer

It's here.

Trevor Francis during the 1979 European Cup Final
Trevor Francis during the 1979 European Cup Final
Steve Powell/Getty Images

No doubt you've already seen the trailer by now - if you haven't you've possibly been hard at work all day, without internet connection or stuck under a rock (if you have actually been stuck under a rock, really sorry about that. Hang in there.)

If you have seen it, we're hope you can now see what all the fuss is about and why we've been in a continuous state of giddy joy and pant-wetting for the last couple of months.

Even though it's only 72 seconds, images and icons parade in front of your eyes, transporting you back to when all was right with the world.

There are so many small details worthy of mention but look out especially for that split second in which Brian Clough nods his head in unison with Trevor Francis to score that goal in Munich before scraping his knees on the cold and unforgiving shot putt circle.

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