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Man of the Match - Chris O'Grady

Chris O'Grady picked up the Man of the Match Award for his contribution to the victory at Loftus Road.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Chris O'Grady won many deserved plaudits for his contribution to the victory at Loftus Road for his general hold up play and more obviously, for his part in the incident that led to the penalty and Rob Green's dismissal.

But what was also striking was the pride he exhibited in his post match interview in picking up the aforementioned award from Matt Mills.

He wears a big smile, his eyes are always forward and maintaining contact with the interviewer and he is stood upright. In summary, he comes across as a very polite, well brought up young man. It's safe to say that such qualities are respected around this particular part of Nottingham.

He may not go on to score many goals (or maybe he will, who knows at this early stage? Not us, that's for sure) but if he maintains that level of work rate, quality of hold-up play and continues to put himself about in order to create chances for those alongside him then he will continue to be serenaded.

But isn't it nice to see the pride exuding from every fibre of Nottingham born O'Grady's body in this post match interview?

When he says that, "this means a lot to me to be here", you believe him.