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Adios Viva Dan Harding

Dan Harding has found a new home.

Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Dan Harding has signed for Eastleigh Football Club. This is quite a coup for the Conference Premier Club.

He revealed his frustration after being released by Forest in the close season:

During this time I was approached by four championship Managers. On more than one occasion had talked for great lengths of time with these managers about signing, been ready to go and sign only for them only for them to disappear off the radar and never answer a call again. There is no honesty or respect in football and that’s something that grates on you over time.

Perhaps more revealing are his comments regarding why the ex-Southampton player elected not to sign for Portsmouth.

At the end of last season if you would have asked me, I would never have thought I would be retiring from full professional football at age 31. Early on I had a few offers from different clubs, one being Portsmouth. Don’t get me wrong Portsmouth is a big club and I would imagine they are going to do very well this season but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I had the best three years of my life at saints and I still consider myself a fan. It would not have felt right for me to sign for them.

Another factor behind his decision to join Eastleigh is for the sake of his family.

It is lovely to hear a professional speak so candidly and honestly about his experiences and moreover, for him to make a career decision based on what's right for him. Goon you, Dan and all the very best.

The full interview can be read here: