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I Believe In Miracles - Q&A with Jonny Owen

We had the pleasure of hosting a Q&A via Twitter with Jonny Owen ahead of the release of his film, 'I Believe in Miracles'.

Peter Shilton points the way towards European Cup Glory
Peter Shilton points the way towards European Cup Glory
Getty Images/Getty Images

As you no doubt know, Jonny Owen has a feature length documentary film, 'I Believe in Miracles', charting the rise of Nottingham Forest from mid table obscurity to champions of Europe due for release. He was available to respond to questions submitted by you via Twitter on Friday afternoon.

Check our Twitter timeline for the whole exchange but here are some of our favourite responses:

What do you think the cultural and social impact was for that team?

JO: "They say ‘travel dissolves ignorance' and there’s no better example of how that football team opened up the world for Nottingham."

Obviously the film will have a big audience with Forest fans - do you think it will appeal to everyone else too?

JO: ‘Yes. It’s already been called the greatest film about football ever made. You don’t have to be a Forest fan to enjoy a film about football."

Did any players surprise you with their stories or how they spoke?

JO: "Yes. They all spoke brilliantly which is rare for that amount of people involved. Larry Lloyd is a very very funny man, as is Colin Barrett. I love Colin, I do."

Conversation turned to this footage too - just watch John Robertson's cheeky face in the background. Delightful.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Expect some announcements next week regarding plans for the Premiere of what is going to be an absolute joy of a film for Forest supporters, football supporters and the whole of Nottingham.