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‘I Believe in Miracles’: Not long now….

Plans to premiere and distribute Jonny Owen’s feature length film documenting the miracle years of 1975-1980 are moving apace. Here’s an update.

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As you surely know by now, ‘I Believe in Miracles chronicles the rise to European dominance of Brian Clough and Peter Taylor’s meticulously constructed patchwork crafted team. But the film is also a celebration of the City of Nottingham too, featuring sepia tinged images and clips that will transport you back to the 70s like a warm blanket of comforting nostalgia. Consequently, plans to premiere and distribute the film revolve around including the people and the City of Nottingham.

Nothing is finalised but discussions this week have mooted the possibility of:

· An Exhibition at the Nottingham Contemporary gallery over the weekend of 19th-21st September, featuring the European Cup, fan footage and memorabilia

· The screening of the trailer for the film at the City Ground prior to the Middlesbrough game on the 19th September

· A Premiere on Sunday 11th October at the City Ground

· A further screening for the people of Nottingham in the following week, perhaps more family oriented

· A nationwide release on 13th October

· The release of a soundtrack featuring the funkiest and grooviest sounds ever committed to vinyl

Furthermore, Daniel Taylor’s book will accompany the release of the film.

If you were around in those dizzy days of glory and have any pictures from that era, get involved and sent them to :

You never know, you might find your own mugshot projected onto a large screen at the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery.

Some of the plans outlined above are very much at an embryonic stage whilst others are close to fruition.

Needless to say, the film is an absolute delight and a treasure trove of interviews, footage and above all, a celebration of what the club and the city achieved under Clough and Taylor.

Clear space on your desk – in fact, prepare to gleefully sweep everything from your desk into the bin - around early to mid October.

Prepare to relive the miracle.