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Preview: Forest V Walsall

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Walsall...bloody Walsall. We spoke to Pete Sadler from Besot Banter to get the lowdown on the Saddlers.

Here's Jamie Paterson in action for Walsall when he was about 9 years old
Here's Jamie Paterson in action for Walsall when he was about 9 years old
Pete Norton/Getty Images
Given your record against us, are you feeling as confident as we are nervous?

PS: As confident as you can be with the most consistently inconsistent team. It really could be any score. If the Tricky Trees take the Saddlers for granted I fancy us to get a result but if there is an expectation that we may get a result I reckon we will be hammered.

You've developed a reputation for playing some neat footie - how neat? Is that the case?

PS: Bayern Walsallona neat. If you are a fan of ball retention and nice play without too many bad tackles and everyone has a lovely little time then Walsall is the club for you. If you like blood, sweat and cheers then head to Stoke.

Who should we watch out for? Who's most likely to hurt us in front a very sparse City Ground?

PS: Matt Preston. The lad will volley any player in kicking distance into the Trent given an opportunity. If you mean in front of goal then Super Tom, although Lalks and Romaine have points to prove and can be devastating on their day.

Jamie Paterson....we can't quite figure him out. Very talented and in his first season with us, looked a proper player but last season, looked a different player and not in a good way. Any thoughts?

PS: If you don't appreciate the hidden gem you have then can we have him back please? Very talented player and thrived at the Bescot when the pressure was on. Believe in him and stick by the lad and he will come good...or we can have him back as I say!

Do you remember a bamboozling goal from Dougie Freedman for Forest at the Bescot or am I imagining it?

PS: No idea. If it was followed by a wet patch and a bowl of cornflakes then I'd suggest you've imagined it. And spilt your tea. Obviously.

Most likely so. Finally, can I trouble you for a prediction?

A: I predict that Walsall fans will moan about the ticket prices but love that they have chips available at half-time. Forest fans will moan that there aren't many people there and that they should be 20-0 up at half-time. Oh the score... 2-1 Forest.

Pete is on Twitter - Besot Banter too. Thanks ever so much guys.