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Brentford: Advice for travelling supporters

Our good pal Billy Grant at 'Beesotted' was kind enough to provide some friendly advice for those supporters heading to Griffin Park.

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Our visit to Griffin Park was the scene for Tyler Walker's first senior goal. It was lovely, wasn't it? Here is some good advice to aid you in your travel plans:

Pubs in Brentford

For Forest fans coming down, you are probably aware there are plenty of pub options pre-match and all are most welcoming - very much like the pubs in Nottingham we frequented pre-match. Colours are fine and there is no ‘bouncer culture’ on the doors of our boozers - not yet anyway. All fans are welcome and most fans usually cite Brentford as their favourite away day, of which we’re quite proud.

As is etched in common folklore, there were four pubs around the ground until a few weeks ago - unfortunately one closed down to leave only three now. The Griffin is closest to the away end (like 30 secs walk) and is very popular with away fans - but also very very busy. The New Inn is on the other side is also popular with away fans. The Princess Royal is the other option (The Royal Oak was the one that closed down).

Other pubs slightly further afield for the more creative amongst you include (and this is by no means a definitive list) the  … The Globe (Windmill Rd) is the Beesotted fanzine main pub - a very friendly pub indeed. The other boozer is The Lord Nelson (Enfield Rd)  - both incredibly friendly and cozy away-frienly pubs and 30 seconds walk from each other .. frequented by 'away fans in the know'. Boro fans and Bees fans had one hell of a party before and after the match in both these boozers (despite us losing)- and The Plough (Northfields Ave - 1 minute walk from the tube) in Northfields is a decent stop-off if you are coming by tube to Northfields before making your way down to the ground (normally stopping off at The Globe and Lord Nelson en route on the Northfields pub crawl).

Easily the best way to Brentford is to get the Piccadilly line tube from Kings Cross/St Pancras to either Northfields or South Ealing (35 mins). Northfields is preferred by fans in the know as it has a decent pub crawl run on the way to the ground (Plough, Lord Nelson, Globe). South Ealing has one posh pub en route that doesn’t really like football fans so we won’t even give it a mention here. It’s 20 mins walk from either South Ealing OR Northfields to the ground or you can get the E2 bus from Northfields or 65 bus from South Ealing for the short 5 minute journey.

Some fans prefer to take the tube to Vauxhall then get the overground to Brentford mainline station. Depending on your connection time, this could be a slightly longer route as you could be waiting for up to 15 mins for a train and the train takes 26 mins to Brentford. Including you connection from Kings Cross this journey could take you the best part of an hour as opposed to under 40 minutes (plus the journey to the ground).

If you do take this route, there is also a pub right by Brentford station always referred to as … er …  the Pub by Brentford station.

For ale head to the Magpie and Crown pub on Brentford High Street. The Royal Horseguardsman can probably hold 15 of you at a push. The Brewery Tap is a cosy boozer by the river. And if you are super adventurous, get off at Kew Bridge and visit the brand new boozer One Over the Ait right on the river - beside the bridge. Great views over The Thames. Also right by Kew Bridge Station   is The Express Tavern .. a pub with a distinctly retro feel and a good selection of ales.

There are loads more too. A quick google search and you’ll find them all. There are many many more too if you have a look around.

Parking is pretty easy away from the ground going up towards and over the A4 Great West Rd (ie. North) via Ealing Rd or Windmill Rd.

Stay safe and enjoy your day.

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