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Match Report (sort of): Blackburn 3-3 Forest

Sadly, we weren't there to see another Michail Antonio masterclass, but here are some observations anyway.

Martin Willetts/Getty Images

Life is made all the more bearable by those small yet satisfying moments. For example, seeing the long range casual hurl of a crumpled piece of paper sail beautifully into the bin. However, it is often the case that these moments occur when no one is else is around to verify such perfection. Such is life.

Indeed, such was the case as once again, Michail Antonio repeatedly slam-dunked the Blackburn defence while the majority of the football world had its head turned by other games in which there was something meaningful to play for. But rather than get all angsty about your achievements going unnoticed, one should also be grateful for all those times when you inexplicably sneeze and in such surprise, a trail of mucus explodes out of your nose and clings to your visage like a face-hugging alien. It is times like this when solitude is gratefully accepted. The Forest defence might wish to remember this.

Ewood Park has been a funny old place for Nottingham Forest. There was the humiliation of the 7-0 back in November 1995 but in happier times, there was the lovely 2-1 victory in May 1999 which went a long way towards dragging the club, initially lead by Roy Hodgson that season, down into the mire of the Championship alongside the already relegated Forest. Such a bonkers game should probably not have been much of a surprise.

Karl Darlow appeared to have time to file his tax return as the ball looped up into the air in the opening moments. Rudy Gestede decided that this was probably a decent time to ensure that his personal crusade to score as many goals as physically possible against one team to kick start into action. He used his head and nodded in. The message was pretty clear to Forest: this guy is good in the air. Consequently, it would probably be a good thing were any crosses to be prevented reaching him and also, to perhaps mark him when he is in the box. Ah well. Maybe the message will get through at some stage.

But let's not dwell on the snot covered face, let's instead dwell on the slam dunks. Antonio's runs, which were akin to a storm bearing down on a barn, were the source of all three of Forest's goals. Imagine a Nottingham Forest without Antonio and shudder at the nihilistic wasteland that unfolds before your eyes - a sobering thought. Let's enjoy him while we can.