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Dougie Freedman signs two-year contract with Forest

The season is tailing off, but at least some uncertainty over the manager's job has been cleared up...

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Dougie Freedman has confirmed that he has signed a new two-year contract to be Nottingham Forest manager.

The former striker arrived, initially on a temporary basis until the end of this season, after the dismissal of Stuart Pearce, and while results picked up and for a while there was optimistic talk of a playoff push, after Wednesday's defeat to Watford Forest have now gone five games without a win.

Still, there have been enough positive signs to suggest Freedman deserves a proper chance, and we're probably all glad that we don't have to go through the rigmarole of looking for yet another manager.

Freedman told the Nottingham Post on Wednesday: "I am here for two more years and there is an option in there to extend it again, if the club want to. You cannot look too far. But it is nice for the players to know who they will be working with, for the next couple of years.

"I have signed the contract, it is done. The chairman is here tonight, so hopefully he will sign his part. I have signed my part, so it is all but done.

"I don't see any hiccups now. I am so delighted to be the manager of this club, I am excited because it is a fantastic opportunity.

"I have to build something now and I am excited about that. I have a good squad and a good spirit here. We have Chris Cohen and Andy Reid coming back, we have young Britt coming back too, hopefully, before too long, with the goals he brings.

"It does feel as though we can look forward to a bright future, but we will go about our business quietly, looking to build something special for the longer term."

Preach, Dougie. Preach.