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Match preview: Forest v Watford

As the season draws to a slightly flat conclusion, we host promotion-hopefuls Watford and their frankly terrifying array of attackers. We spoke to Hornets fan Michael Moruzzi about the game...

Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Nick Miller: To be frank, I'm a little torn about this one. Anyone who wants their team to lose a game is a scoundrel of the first water, but our season has been done for a few weeks and it would be just lovely if Watford went up...

Michael Moruzzi: You've not given me much to disagree with here. Of course it would be lovely to see Watford go up. I've tried to prepare myself for the possibility that it might not happen, but if this season ends in failure I'll probably pack it all in and take up fishing. It could come down to goal difference, so if Forest could play dead for 90 minutes and let us walk in three or four goals, well that really would be great and I'm sure no one would think any less of you.

NM: I think I saw you say on Twitter the other day you thought you'd miss automatic but win the playoffs. Could be the first time I've ever heard anyone be confident about the playoffs - why so?

MM: Three reasons. First, blind faith. Second, because we've found form at the right time. Unfortunately, so have Bournemouth and Norwich. It's been like this for weeks. Do you have any idea how annoying it is when your team is in blistering form but the teams you're competing with keep winning? Of the front runners a month ago only Derby have completely collapsed, but Boro have no away form, so I think it's a three horse race now. And, third, a few of our players were in the team that lost in the final two years ago. I think they'll cope with the occasion better this time. Plus, I just think we're better than the teams below us.

NM: I like it. I like your attitude. I like your style. I like your spunk. I will now cede the floor so you can talk about what a magnificent human Adlene Guedioura is...

MM: The thing about Guedioura is - and you do need to be keen student of the game to notice this - he's incredibly good at football. All of it. There is literally nothing he can't do, which is a unfair really. How on earth he's ended up back in the Championship on loan at 29 is utterly baffling. I'm not sure whate worries me more, the fact that Watford don't own him, or that Crystal Palace feel that they can let him go out on loan because he's that far down the pecking order at Selhurst Park.

It's not like Palace have got Pogba, Mata and Fabregas in their midfield - and even if they did, Gueds should be starting. If we go up I hope we offer him whatever he wants , no caveats - if he wants his face on the badge then let's do it, everyone thinks the current logo is a moose in any case. Anyway, didn't he play for Forest for a bit?

NM: Too soon man, too soon. I miss him. We all miss him. The terrifying thing about Wat‎ford is he's about third down on the list of attackers I'm scared of. Who's going to play up front? You seem to be rotating all these unfairly good forwards at the moment...

MM: Well, this is another reason why I feel we have to achieve something this year. When the owners rejected several large bids for Troy Deeney last summer it was a signal that they wanted to have a serious crack at promotion. Deeney is the captain and has had another excellent season, so he will definitely start. So, it's a question of whether Ighalo or Vydra start alongside him. Vydra started on Saturday and scored a superb goal, but Ighalo had started the previous game and also scored a superb goal, so your guess is as good as mine.

The bad news for you is that they both love playing alongside Deeney, and all three of them are in good form. The ultimate blessing of this gift is that we often find a goal even when the team is not playing well, and it's not surprising that we've gained so many points from losing positions this season. The curse is that don't pay quite so much attention to the boring bits of football, like defending, and not cocking about. Cocking about is definitely a weakness of ours.

NM: Yeah, but where's the fun in not cocking about? Let's have a prediction - I reckon 3-1 to you...

MM: 2-1 to Watford.

Michael blogs, but not nearly enough, over at can follow him on Twitter @Regista_Michael