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Match preview: Forest v Huddersfield

Doesn't mean a great deal, this one. Still, a pleasant afternoon at the City Ground awaits, and we spoke to Huddersfield fan and editor of Football365, Sarah Winterburn, about Saturday's game...

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Nick Miller: So this one should be a lovely, pleasant, April afternoon in the sun for two teams with sod all to play for. Pint?

Sarah Winterburn: Lovely. The danger is that we would stay in the pub and not bother with the football. Pool?

NM: Smashing. Has this season been a disappointment for Town or is it pretty much as expected?

SW: It looks incredibly likely that we will finish pretty much where we finished last season (17th) and what fan dreams of that? There have been patches when we have looked like establishing ourselves in the heady heights of mid-table but they have been dashed by an apparent inability to put more than one or two half-decent performances together. Is there a less cringe-worthy word than ‘meh’ I can use here? It’s all been a bit like whatever that word is.

NM: I see you've only won two in a row once all season. Yikes. I guess James Vaughan being out for half the season has been a problem...

SW: As always. The fact is that Vaughan would not be at Huddersfield if he wasn’t half broken. Get him and Nahki Wells on the pitch at the same time and we look half-decent – as we did against Ipswich at the weekend. There’s always a massive dose of ‘if only’ when Vaughan is fit.

NM: I can never work out whether Chris Powell is a good manager, or that he's such a lovely man that I feel naturally inclined to think he's good. What's the verdict in Huddersfield?

SW: I think you’ve nailed it. The feeling is that he is neither very good nor very bad. There is a general feeling of goodwill towards him from all but the knuckle-draggers. It would be nice if we kept him for a while; we don’t really do that.

NM: The great Radi Majewski experiment doesn't seem to have paid off. You haven't even given him a chance to do his 'nine goals in six games then sod all for three months' trick.

SW: He suffers from playing in the same position as the excellent – and crucially, consistent – Jacob Butterfield. We don’t like too many fancy dans in Huddersfield.

NM: Doing your bit for regional stereotypes. Who else, other than Vaughan assuming he doesn't sprain his ear or something, will entertain us in this meaningless encounter?

SW: Sean Scannell. Once an infuriatingly inconsistent winger and now a diligent and creative wing-back. And still only – bizarrely – 24.

NM: Let's have a prediction, then...

SW: You know I’m going to say 1-1…

NM: 1-1 it is. I'm going 9-2 to Forest...

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