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Match Preview: Forest V Rotherham United

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Wednesday means another game under the floodlights at the City Ground. Forest will be hoping to keep the distant play-off dream alive yet the Millers are anxiously looking over their shoulders. We spoke to Press Association Journalist and big time Millers fan Jonathan Veal about the opposition...

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David Marples: You must be sweating a little now after Wigan came to New York and stuck away two free kicks. Prior to this, you were looking pretty safe. What's happened since that epically dull scoreless draw back in December?

Jonathan Veal: In typical Rotherham style, why make it easy for ourselves if there is a hard way to do it? A win on Saturday would have settled our safety at 12 points clear, but we're right back in the mix now and I think it's going to go down to the wire. We have improved since we last played and developed a goal threat at least, but have looked much less solid at the other end. We're still not winning games we should do and that is a bad trait to have, right?

DM: Right. But Blackpool are doomed and Millwall are having their fingers slowly prized away from the ledge to which they cling. You've got enough to keep ahead of Wigan, haven't you?

JV: The good thing is that it's in our hands still, and we're clinging on to the hope that Wigan are thoroughly useless on their own turf and we hope that continues. Hopefully it's not just between us and Wigan as well, Fulham are very much in it too. Six points is a nice cushion for now and with home games against Sheffield Wednesday, Brighton and Reading to come, that's where our destiny will be decided.

DM: Without Alex Revell to lead the line expertly and the whole Luciano Becchio thing not quite working out, are you now relying on Matt Derbyshire? He's improved recently hasn't he?

JV: Derbyshire's overall performances haven't changed too much since the early part of the season, he has just started scoring and as a result he is looking the real deal. He has always put in a shift and got into the right areas, he has just remembered that the ball is supposed to go in that rectangle thing with the net rather than the stand. With Connor Sammon or Danny Ward he is playing well so there is genuine threat there. Let's hope he returns to haunt you on Wednesday night!

DM: Ah. So that means a last minute goal for Derbyshire then. But which Millers team is going to show up on Wednesday? The one that gave Derby an almighty scare and turned Ipswich over? Or, the one that travelled to Wolves?

JV: Good question. Who knows? Answers on a postcard. The Wolves performance wasn't as bad as the result suggests (we had more shots on target than them) and really there haven't been too many games where we haven't at least competed. We have found it tough away from home, especially at the big boys, so a home win is the sensible bet.

DM: We've lost Britt Assombalonga for ages now. Anyone you are worried about from our lot?

JV: We wouldn't have been worried about him anyway, not scored in three games against us in the last 18 months! Generally anyone with any pace will worry us, so Michail Antonio should be a threat.

DM: Would you care to give us a prediction? These games usually end up in a low-scoring draw.

JV: 2-0. Rotherham never beat Forest, especially at the City Ground. We'd take a dull low-scoring draw thank you very much.

This website on Rotherham United is pretty special. A huge thank to Jonathan for taking the time to speak with us.

But don't go away just yet: join us on a brief meander down memory lane.

This was a cracking game back in September 2002:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

And a year later in 2003:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>