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Forest v Leeds: a YouTube retrospective

Eschewing the usual preview format, ahead of Forest's trip to Elland Road this weekend, here's a compilation of clips from the times we've faced each other down the years. Some gems, some goals and some curios in here...

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Leeds 2-1 Forest, February 1968

In the days before goalkeepers were allowed to be subs, if your stopper got injured early on, you were basically toast. Well, not always. In this FA Cup encounter Gary Sprake was injured in the first half, meaning Norman Hunter had to go in nets for Leeds, but Forest somehow still contrived to lose. We took the lead through 'Zigger-Zagger' Joe Baker, before Mick Jones leveled (from a free header, moments after Kenneth Wolstenholme on comms declared that the Forest defence was looking 'tremendous'), before Johnny Giles scored the winner from the penalty spot, after Jim Baxter had shoved over Jimmy Greenhoff for no apparent reason.

Leeds 2-0 Forest, May 1971

Another defeat, but Leeds were pretty good around this time, so they'll do that. Billy Bremner with a proper thriker and Peter Lorimer after the Forest defence rather politely waved him through scored the goals. Also features Forest keeper Jim Barron putting in what looked like a fairly heroic performance, but also handling the ball outside the area, of course straight red these days. Kids with their hair and their music and their clothes and their etc and so on and so forth.

Forest 4-2 Leeds, February 1978

Forest just seemed keen to make this one interesting, the second leg of the League Cup semi-final after winning the first game 3-1. Leeds went 1-0 then 2-1 up through Frankie Gray and Arthur Graham, but goals from Peter Withe, Ian Bowyer, Tony Woodcock and Martin O'Neill secured passage to Wembley, where of course Forest would beat Liverpool after a replay to win Brian Clough's first trophy at the City Ground.

Forest 3-0 Leeds, April 1998

This was weird. To celebrate the centenary of the Football League, the suits decided to hold a 'festival of football' sponsored by the good people at Mercantile Credit, which basically amounted to a bunch of kick and giggle games at Wembley, ostensibly in the form of a knockout tournament, the 'quarter-finals' of which were 20 minutes each way encounters. Forest spanked in three against Leeds in this one, Franz Carr, Stuart Pearce (in long sleeves, unusually) and Garry Parker with them. Forest would go on to win the tournament, beating Sheffield Wednesday on penalties in the final, but did so without Brian Clough in attendance, as he 'didn't want to take the spotlight from his young team. Hmmm.

Forest 4-3 Leeds, May 1991

The last game before the FA Cup final, and everyone got a little bit silly. All the action seemed to take place in the first 20 minutes and the last, the intervening 50 presumably being like the Anschluss game with both teams just knocking it around aimlessly. Garry Parker got things started before Nigel Clough doubled the lead, Lee Chapman pulled one back before Parker headed in his second. Then Chapman grabbed another and Carl Shutt equalised, only for good to vanquish evil with Nigel bagging the winner, but not before missing a penalty. Sheesh.

Leeds 1-4 Forest, December 1992

A rare bright spot in the otherwise unending pile of poo that was the 1992/93 season, Forest ending a long unbeaten home run for Leeds with some gusto. Otherwise notable for Neil Webb playing a delightful through-ball for Roy Keane to score, the Irishman beginning his long love affair with the Leeds crowd.

Forest 3-0 Leeds, March 1995

One day, people might fully realise just how good Stan Collymore was. Those that saw him in the two years he was at Forest know, this virtually unstoppable force with two incredible feet and pace to match. This was a typical Collymore goal, collecting a through ball from Lars Bohinen and leaving a defender gasping before slotting it home. Bryan Roy got the other two, but even though he could be brilliant, Stan was the real star in that duo.

Leeds 3-7 Forest, March 2012

Ah, of course we're closing on this one. My dad had a ticket for this game but couldn't go. Safe to say he wasn't massively impressed after the game. I couldn't even really celebrate the sixth and seventh goals, just laugh at the absurdity of what was unfolding in front of us. Magnificent.