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Nottingham Forest are an absolutely abysmal shambles

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Hot on the heels of the news that Stuart Pearce was sacked, comes word that chief executive Paul Faulkner has resigned

Malcolm Couzens/Getty Images

We all knew that Fawaz al-Hasawi was running Nottingham Forest like his own personal train set, but each confirmation of the fact still causes one to reach for the Spar own-brand gin at 9am on a Monday.

According to the Daily Telegraphs's John Percy and BBC Nottingham, Paul Faulkner has resigned as Forest chief executive and been placed on gardening leave, after the dismissal of Stuart Pearce as manager.

Faulkner was of course only appointed in August, after an 18-month spell in which the club didn't actually have anyone running things, following Mark Arthur's departure in January 2013.

Quite what Faulkner was actually allowed to do in the brief time he was in place is unclear, since he seemed to have been gagged and thrown into a cupboard by Fawaz, lest he say something sensible to embarrass the old boy. This, therefore, is not a surprise.

One assumes that it wasn't blind loyalty to Pearce that led Faulkner to finally give up, but a lack of consultation on the dismissal and appointment of the old/new managers. This, of course, is speculation, but as final straws go, if he was left out of the decision-making process, being ignored about something as vital as the first-team manager is up there.

Even so, it was in some respects nice to think that the club was at least presenting an image of being run by someone who knew what they were doing, but of course this now blows that fanciful notion out of the water.