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Britt Assombalonga ruled out for a year

We all feared the worst, but this is quite possibly even worse than that...

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Nottingham Forest have confirmed that Britt Assombalonga will be missing for a year - a year - with the knee injury he suffered against Wigan on Wednesday night.

It didn't look good at the time, but we hoped for the best, especially when he was pictured giving the thumbs up in the hospital while waiting for his scan, then after his surgery.

Alas, simple naive hope is dashed once again, and Forest will have to do without their top scorer for the remainder of this season, and a healthy portion of next too. Indeed, realistically we probably won't see a fully-fit, sharp and firing Assombalonga until the start of the 2016/17 season, and who knows what shape the club will be in by then.

It will be interesting to see what happens now, and whether Dougie Freedman decides to struggle on with just Matty Fryatt, Dexter Blackstock and possibly Michail Antonio as senior options up front, or if indeed he even has a choice.

The terms of Forest's transfer embargo are slightly unclear, as while the full ban on bringing in players has been lifted following the settlement of the debt to Peterborough for Assombalonga, the partial embargo put in place for previous chicanery places certain limits on the club.

It's technically possible for Forest to bring in loans now, but will only be able to pay a certain amount of the player's wages, and it's unclear how much of the £250,000 SkyBet raffle payment thing has already been spent on the recruitment of Gary Gardner and Todd Kane.

Freedman said, before Assombalonga's injury: "I don't need to add anything so it is not top of my list to worry about. I've worked in these markets before where I've had no money. I worked when we are in administration at Palace.

"With the squad I have now, I'm not frightened of the word embargo."