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Match Preview: Forest V Wigan Athletic

Kieran Heapy from our comrades over at 'Pie Eaters Footie' was kind enough to give in to harassment and share his thoughts ahead of Forest's meeting with Wigan Athletic.

Malky Mackay looking all imperious and Roman Emperor like
Malky Mackay looking all imperious and Roman Emperor like
Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

DM: What with all the trauma going on at our club and excitement at the top of the table with Young Turks Brentford and Bournemouth making their presence felt, it feels like your plight has gone under the radar a little. It's fair to say that you're in a bit of a pickle, isn't it?

KH: I think this would have gone under the radar anyway. We have never been the media's favourite team and we will never seem to be for some reason. The fact we got to the Premier League in the first place for some reason upset people and quite a few are happy that we are in this mess. Of course, we Wigan fans aren't at all. We are in trouble, a lot of trouble. That has been quite clearly shown in the window, which has just passed with the shipping out of a large quantity of our 'star' players. The excess is being chucked over board and the hatches slammed shut, the next few months are likely to be a bumpy ride for Wigan fans.

DM: At whose feet are you laying the blame for this? Uwe Rosler? Dave Whelan? Owen Coyle? Malky Mackay? Gay snakes? The FA Cup? All of the above?

KH: It would be very unfair to blame one person, because in fact they all did good things well individually but a combination of the entire thing has led to where we are. The FA Cup was nothing short of amazing so that is definitely out. Owen Coyle came in, built a great squad and then allowed them to get fat. Uwe Rosler came in, trained the boys hard and then couldn't recruit well. Dave Whelan's failing has been to bring in Malky Mackay, and Mackay is just useless. In fairness to him, he is doing what we need to stay financially alive, but apart from that he hasn't changed how the team has been performing one bit at the moment; although there were some signs of change over the weekend.

DM: Kind of got this lingering feeling that Wigan will at some stage find the fancy football app that they appear to have temporarily lost and generally sort it out before something terrible happens. There's still time to do so isn't there?

KH: We did it for so many years in the Premier League that you kind of hope we will suddenly kick into gear again. I can't see that happening though at the moment. The players before have played with passion and pride for this club and at times this season they have looked like they couldn't care. Maybe that will change when it is all laid out on the line to them. We definitely need something to kick start our season.

DM: We tend to find it difficult to beat Wigan. Is now as good a chance as we'll ever have? (Having said that, midweek home games tend to bring out the worst in us)

KH: I am going to be honest; I’d be surprised if you didn't beat us. The problem is we can't get the ball in the back of the next when it matters - simple as that. We then get frustrated, make mistakes and the opposition score. You get the first goal and you will more than likely beat us.

DM: …and if YOU get the first goal, you will more than likely beat us. Be honest, a tiny part of you misses Springfield...doesn't it?

KH: You don't beat the old days, and of course it was our home. But then we have grown up and matured in the lights of what is now the DW Stadium. For the old times and the roots of the club will always miss Springfield Park.

DM: Bored with the 'You must have come on a skateboard' chants yet?

KH: Well it’s a little bit insulting really.... Only reminds me that I can't ride one!

DM: Should it all end in tears this season and League 1, with its 'come hither' eyes is successful in luring you into its pit of a boudoir, the FA Cup was still worth it, wasn't it?

KH: How many football supporters these days can say they have made it to Wembley? With the monopoly money of the Premier League it is getting harder and harder for clubs to get to the promised finals. I am sure if you ask any Wigan fan would they rather have the FA Cup or Premier League status 9 out of 10 would say the FA Cup. That day will never get old and the memories will be something that I will be able to sit down with my Grandchildren and one day say I was there the day this lad called Ben Watson beat the money of Manchester City. By the way did you know Dave Whelan broke his leg in the FA Cup Final?

DM: We here at ITTO are vaguely aware that Dave Whelan might have done so; we recall him mentioning it one time. No avoiding it - prediction time. I foresee a very nervy, squeaky win for us; simply because it's high time we beat Wigan, although midweek home games have generally been torturous affairs this season.

KH: Score bore 0-0. I hope not but I can see it being a very dull affair this one!

Kieran runs the excellent Pie Eaters Footie website and can be followed right here on twitter.