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Dougie Freedman: The Bolton perspective

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All round good eggs and SB Nation brother, Chris Manning at Lion Of Vienna Suite was kind enough to share his thoughts on Dougie Freedman. But be won't fill you with hope.

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My mum always told me that if I couldn’t say anything nice then I shouldn’t say anything at all. That well-used phrase doesn’t apply to one Douglas Freedman.

Plainly put – the man is clueless. He was the outside choice to replace Owen Coyle, and remained an ‘outside’ choice throughout his time at the club. Granted he worked within an ever-decreasing budget, but there is only so much grace that you can give a man who is doing as he is told by the higher-ups.

He played stupid power games with influential dressing room figures including Chris Eagles and captain Kevin Davies – both of whom went from important first teamers to free agents within a year of Freedman’s appointment. The former was even described by said Freedman as the man who he wanted to build his team around. Then they fell out.

He also gave our youth team graduates the hope that they might move up into the first-team, but again instead it proved to be all talk as he preferred to bring in sub-par loanees from Crystal Palace as well as various other waifs and strays.

A dubious record in the transfer market was compounded by a dour persona which endeared him to precisely no-one. He looks like he needs a wash, and I’ve heard that he owns half a dozen Costa Coffee franchises and that the employees in these coffee shops think he’s a bell-end too.

It seems strange to me that Forest have sacked one ex-player with a dubious managerial record, and then hired another to replace him.

He got us organised quickly and turned things around in his first six months, but then he made a colossal mistake in one game and we never looked back. A shambles.

Think I’ll stick a fiver on you going down.

Thanks to Chris. You should follow the excellent Lion of Vienna Suite.