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Dougie Freedman is the new Forest manager

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Stuart Pearce's managerial body was still warm when Nottingham Forest announced his successor...

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

No sooner had the news filtered through that Stuart Pearce had been relieved of his duties as Nottingham Forest manager, then another former player, Dougie Freedman, had been announced as his successor.

There are a couple of ways to look at this. On the positive side, Freedman's time at Crystal Palace was pretty successful, taking over when the club were in the relegation zone, then guiding them to safety with a little room to spare.

The following season was one of consolidation, before he took them to the playoff spots in 2012/13. However, he was then tempted away by money and prospects at Bolton, where initially things went very well. He took them to the brink of the playoffs, failing at the last in part thanks to Forest's inability to beat Leicester on the final day.

However, then things all went a little south, with negative tactics contributing to a disappointing mid-table finish. This season everything went wrong, and he was dismissed in October with the Trotters failing to win their first six games and just one of the first ten.

In the short-term, it could be a good appointment. The phrase 'steadied the ship' crops up many times when you ask Palace fans about his style, and oddly for a man who was a striker, seemed to be able to organise a defence, which is obviously one of Forest's key problems at the moment.

However, beyond that it looks a little murkier, with largely negative feedback come from Bolton fans. This, being a case in point...

And here's a view from a Palace fan, surprisingly tall man and journalist from the Daily Mirror, Ed Malyon...

At the moment, it's all a little weird. On the plus side, it's obvious that Fawaz had something lined up should the dismissal of Pearce (which, do not fret, we will get to in due course) become necessary. On the down side, it's hardly an inspiring appointment, even if he was an underrated player in one of many terrible teams at the City Ground.

We shall see. For the moment, we're all a little numb.

If you can bring yourself to read it, here's Fawaz's statement about Pearce...

I would like to place on record my gratitude to Stuart Pearce for all his endeavours during his time as manager of Nottingham Forest.

My decision to relieve Stuart of his duties is the hardest footballing decision I have ever made.

I came to that decision after a long conversation with Stuart about the best next step for the club. Unfortunately, recent results convinced me it was best to pursue alternative managerial options. I hope our supporters understand my decision.

Stuart is someone I have always admired and that will never change. For that reason I have offered him an advisory role at the club, which I sincerely hope he accepts so we can all move forward together.

Thank you all for your continued support.