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Stuart Pearce leaves Nottingham Forest as manager

Even though the news regarding Stuart Pearce is no surprise, it doesn't make it any less shocking.

Scott Heavey/Getty Images

It was, in all likelihood, going to end up either this way or another. Of course, the 'other' scenario here is our club romping away with the title and Stuart Pearce fist pumping atop a celebration bus as it enters Market Square on a sunny Sunday in May.

But there was always the risk of it ending like it has today.

It seems that this afternoon, Pearce and Fawaz had a short meeting which culminated in Pearce leaving the club.

Saturdays' defeat at home to Millwall appears to have been the nail in the coffin after an alarming and sustained slump in form, despite the victory at Derby County and an excellent start to the season.

The club are expected to make an announcement or a press release later tonight.