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December 7th

It's the In The Top One advent calendar.

Plucked from obscurity (or Runcorn, if you must - same thing though) in 1999, IAN WOAN enjoyed a fruitful career at Forest, weighing in with some special goals and numerous assists over a 10 year period in which he notched 41 goals from the left wing in 218 appearances.

Termed LSG by some fanzines at the time (Lazy Scouse Git), he lacked the tenacity of a terrier like midfielder and his willingness to show a burst of pace was in short supply. Nonetheless, he could whip a ball like few others and played a significant role in the excellent mid 90s side that finished 3rd in the premier league in 1994-95. He might have scored more from dead balls if a certain Stuart Pearce wasn't banging them in left, right and centre.

He is fondly remembered for that exquisite free kick against Tottenham Hotspur in the FA Cup.

After Forest, he went abroad to America but his career faltered until he took up coaching. He is now assistant to Sean Dyche at seems he's doing a fine job too.

And just for good measure, feast your eyes on this too: