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December 6th

It's the In The Top One advent calendar.

Behind all the mockery, japery and lolz, JASON LEE was a player who gave his all for Nottingham Forest and weighed in with a respectable 14 goals from 76 appearances.

He was a useful foil for Bryan Roy and although he wasn't up to being a replacement for Stan Collymore, he was far more effective than a certain Andrea Silenzi ahead of whom he was regularly selected. Indeed, it is often overlooked that he bagged 8 goals in 28 games in 1995-96. A battering ram of a forward, he strained every sinew for the cause and won our hearts with effort levels that suggested he knew just how lucky he was to be playing Premier League football.

For that, he deserves our respect.

After leaving Forest, he gave new definition to the term 'nomadic', popping up here, there and pretty much everywhere, seemingly hell-bent on representing each and every football team in the East Midlands area, regardless of their level.