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2015 was pretty bad

Here are 10 reasons why 2015 was one to put in the bin and get on with more exciting things like cleaning all the crumbs away from underneath the toaster.

David Marples

Saturday 3rd January: Rochdale - away

When our number and their number came out of the velvet sack together as a result of a heavily convoluted draw procedure, the groans and grumbles emanating from the Nottingham area were audible in Luddenden Foot. One of those ultra professional performances whereby the higher ranked club 'got in and out with a result' would be required if Forest were to progress to the next round. It never materialised and frankly, there was never even a faint whiff of it ever materialising.

Stuart Pearce's side looked disorganised and disinterested. We had laughed at Leeds when they were dumped out of the cup at Spotland, resulting in their fans turning on their team. We suddenly realised that it wasn't very funny.

There were half and half scarves on sale too.

Sunday 1st February: Stuart Pearce sacked

Following the utterly abject home defeat against soon to be relegated Millwall, Stuart Pearce's departure was unsurprising. And yet, it was still traumatic and shocking, especially for those who once stood in the old Trent End saluting his bulging biceps. He had worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make it feel like a Football Club once again but on the pitch, the previous three months were pretty disastrous.

That dark, cold Sunday evening as news emerged from the City Ground of his sacking and then minutes later of Dougie Freedman's appointment was a pretty miserable one. So miserable in fact that rumour has it Morrissey considered writing a book about it.

Tigercats released a great album in February:

Tuesday 3rd February: Transfer embargo imposed

Dougie Freedman had barely worked out where the best biscuits were kept before the club were placed under a full transfer embargo. A late payment to Peterborough for the fee of Britt Assombalonga apparently triggered the wrath of the Football League but given the amount of money forked out on players under the ownership of Fawaz Al Hasawi, the punishment came as little surprise.

It remains difficult to fully explain to neutrals how a club with such a rich owner is currently not allowed to pay a fee to bring a player in. The simplest explanation remains to point to general mismanagement of the club over a number of years.

Wednesday 11th February: Britt Assombalonga injury

As if that wasn't enough for Freedman to contend with, his star striker went and got himself horrifically injured in the 3-0 defeat of Wigan Athletic.

No doubt Darragh MacAnthony chuckled himself silly and probably enjoyed a dollop of cold servings of custard that day.

This is called 'Bright Eyes' by Allo Darlin. No, it's not a cover:

Sunday 2nd May: Cardiff City - home

It wasn't necessarily losing to Cardiff that hurt, more that it left fans with very little to look forward to come the next season. After an initially impressive resurgence under Freedman, his team rounded off the season with a run of 8 games without a win. In addition, the decision to field a number of loan players like Karl Darlow, Jamaal Lascelles, Gary Gardner and Todd Kane ahead of youngster like Tyler Walker, Oliver Burke, Ben Osborn, Jorge Grant and Roger Riera was unfathomable. If the team went down with these boys on the field, no one would have cared a jot. As it was, the defeat imposed was the 8th game without a win and made everyone feel like they needed a break from this bloody football club for a while.

The Wave Pictures are a magnificent polished gem of a band and they play at the very fine Spanky Van Dyke's in Nottingham on 26th February. The burgers and chips there are magnificent. This is called 'Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon':

Saturday 1st August: Fawaz's hunting picture

Maybe it was all just a little bit of lolz, jinks and bantz but when a picture circulated showing Fawaz proudly smiling over a dead ram in the style of Walter Palmer hovering over Cecil the lion, well,  let's just say this was not a case of perfect comedy timing.

What's more, he was wearing a Burberry scarf. Eugh.

August: Michael Frey and Ben Harmer shenanigans

August trundled along like a rickety old jalopy, occasionally fuelled by rumour, counter rumour and ultimately, little of note. Swiss striker Michael Frey and goalkeeper Ben Harmer almost signed or indeed, did sign but due to the embargo, it was all very complicated.

Here's Sk8ter Boi Avril Lavigne summing up the situation. This isn't a musical recommendation, merely a side note:

Friday 16th October: Bristol City - away

Forest made Aaron Wilbraham look like Gerd Muller as they bumbled to a 2-0 defeat with both goals coming in the opening 11 minutes. Up to this point, Bristol City had yet to win at home.


Saturday 19th December: Daniel Pinillos injury

Typical. Just when we finally appear to have solved the left back conundrom dressed up as a riddle inside an enigma, the fickle fate of whatever the injury gods decree comes into play and denies us of the services of perhaps the most promising left backs to emerge for eons.

Here he is playing in Spain sporting some kick-ass kits:

General: 150th anniversary celebrations

It's all been a bit disappointing hasn't it? The black and gold kit sits proudly for sale in the club shop (emblazoned with Fawaz's name) and you can buy a brick for as little as £50 should you so desire. But both require fans to dig deep into their own pockets to feel part of the party.

The proposed pre season friendlies against Malmo and Hamburg failed to materialise and although the Premiere of 'I Believe In Miracles' was a special event, technically, it wasn't part of the 150th anniversary celebrations. Admittedly, the retro match day programmes are a triumph.

A gesture that celebrates the club's long and glorious history without fleecing the fans would be nice: a free pre season friendly against top class opposition perhaps, a free special shirt for season ticket holders perchance, free entry to kids for a nominated game maybe...Christ, even a free pint of beer like Leicester City did would be gratefully received.

Maybe all of this will occur come the end of the season but as it is, a shirt and a brick for which we have to pay seems like a kick in the teeth.

Ben Folds made yet another great album. Here's 'Phone in a Pool':