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Boxing Day Memories

It's not actually Boxing Day today but nonetheless, here are some Boxing Day highlights and lowlights.

David Marples

Let's start back in 1989 and this draw down at Kenilworth Road on the green carpet. Look out for lovely build up play from Nigel, Jemson and a finish by Hodge

Manchester United trounced us at Old Trafford in 1998 - the 3rd goal from Giggs is quite delicious though:

Remember this shambles at Gillingham from 2007? We somehow contrived to make the Gills look like Bayern Munich and Delroy Facey like Thomas Muller. Oh my...

A year later and things were just as desperate at home against Sean O'Driscoll's Doncaster Rovers who played us off the work by not letting us touch the football for ages. Damn them:

Speaking of Sean O'Driscoll, here's the short version of that 4-2 spanking of Leeds United at home in 2012. Reckon that O'Driscoll chap could have done a decent job at Forest....(I'll just leave that there for you.)

A year later and 2013 was a comforting and warm hug of a Boxing Day with this very decent win against high flying QPR:

A year ago, there was that miserable drive up to Middlesbrough and the even longer journey home through the snow:

Let's hope the pendulum has swung back our way again for this one.