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Preview: Forest V Leeds

Leeds United are due in town at Christmas. Again. We spoke to Johnny Wakefield from our brethren at SBNation Leeds United website about Steve Evans, Massimo Cellino and pies.

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Your lot are incredibly hard to predict: capable of beating some decent teams but last the same time, entirely open to the possibility of losing to some awful teams. Nonetheless, you seem to be doing ok at the moment. Have you actually, finally turned a corner or is this run of form a temporary blip?

I think it’s a sign of a turned corner, but I’m an optimistic Leeds fan, one of the few.  Steve Evans has made some great tactical changes in the last few weeks (Souleyman Doukara for Tom Adeyemi in the 30th minute changed that Wolves game), and the boys seem to be playing well together despite some scheduling challenges.  If we pick up two or three players with fresh legs in January, we’ll make a run for the playoffs. If we don’t, and we lose some players, we’ll struggle to remain in the middle of the table.

Off the could say that there are more than a few passing resemblances between our two clubs. Surely with the churn of managers, declining the invitation to speak to an independent supporters club and the pie tax (to name just a few), you've had it up to here (points to the balding crown of the head) with Cellino's antics.

Yeah, off the field we’re a crapshow.  I’m relatively new to Leeds myself (only a few years), and I’m tired of it; I can’t imagine if I’d been a fan of thirty/fifty years how frustrating Cellino and the lot would be, or maybe I’d just be numb to the pain. I think he goes, sooner rather than later, and hopefully a good run in the League this season will push him to sell the team. If the League stepped in, I wouldn’t be upset about it. The video of Leeds fans singing "Massimo time to go" sums our fans’ opinion up well.

Those youngsters you've got: Sam Byram, Lewis Cook and Alex Mowatt - they look very decent. Will you still love them when Norwich City step in and take them off your hands in January?

Stoppppp. Sadly, it looks like Sam’s gone soon, but he’ll be going somewhere bigger than f-ing Norwich (unless Cellino finds some legally-questionable money to spend) and the Leeds faithful will be proud of him.  I think Cook stays around for awhile, and you might be right on Mowatt.  So is the life of the Championship though, right?  I think Evans will push to sign some solid role players in January too, so I’m not too worried.  I do love Sam though, that’ll be a blow to fan morale at least, but he’s earned a move up.

Steve fookin Evans...a nightmare dressed as How does it feel for this man to be at the helm of your club? (And don't forget, we had Billy Davies helming ours - twice)

Haha, I love Steve Evans.  I’m in the minority on this one, but watching him as an American fan, I can’t help but smile during each one of his interviews.  His accent and look are perfect for American-held Championship football stereotypes. His history and whatnot besides, he’s hilarious to watch, and he really has done well since coming on.  I hope he becomes the Sir Alex Ferguson of Leeds and brings us to glory forever and ever, amen. (Chances of him getting sacked before summer by the volatile Cellino are about 3000 times higher, I realize).

Give us a reason you'll win:

We’ve found our shape. Byram’s playing for a transfer. Silvestri has found his confidence. Cook has been stellar. Chris Wood is due. Evans is the new Sir Alex Ferguson. That’s six reasons. Whoops.

Give us a reason you'll lose:

We’re exhausted (and you’re playing really well lately). Yeah, that’s two reasons. Sorry.

Here's what happened a year ago. Pesky linesmen and all that:

Johnny runs the Leeds United SB Nation website